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Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air employees to split about $116 million in profit sharing

By Terry Maxon January 26, 2015

Alaska Air Group said Monday that employees at its Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air units were getting profit-sharing checks equal to over 9 percent of their 2014 pay, or more than five weeks’ pay.

"We're really excited to reward our employees for all the great work they’ve done this year," said Tammy Young, Alaska's vice president of human resources. "This is the sixth year in a row Alaska and Horizon employees have exceeded their payout targets for performance-based pay."

Here’s what other airlines have announced on profit sharing:

  • Delta Air Lines employees will divide up nearly $1.1 billion in profit sharing.
  • Southwest Airlines employees will get $355 million in profit sharing.
  • United Airlines employees will get $235 million in profit sharing, to be distributed Feb. 13.

If one simply divides the profit-sharing pool by the number of employees, the average is $8,883 at Alaska, $13,621 at Delta, $7,671 at Southwest and $2,919 at United.

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